Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alligators, & Osprey, & Beignets Oh My!

Day 4: Saturday, August 1, 2009 by Zac G. & Sydney P.

            Today we went for a tour of downtown New Orleans and a swamp boat tour where we saw alligators.  We woke up at 7 o’clock before we headed out for the swamp boat tour.  After getting lost trying to find the Swamp tour, we finally reached it and then we split up into two different boats for individual adventures!  We saw alligators from 4 feet to 10 feet long.  Instead of doing the sane thing, we actually wanted the alligators to come closer to us.  So we fed them marshmallows!  We also saw Osprey, Blue herons, salamanders, egrets, newts, and turtles.  And of course we had to have seen the local Mosquito-hawks, aka Dragonflies.  Then we got back in the van and headed for Downtown New Orleans for lunch and sightseeing.  To get to the restaurant, we had to park in the 10th floor of the parking garage since there is nowhere to park on the street.  Since we had so many people, it was difficult to fit everyone in one elevator so we took turns going down.  Almost every elevator was full so we had to wait at least half an hour before getting to the ground floor.  Somehow we all got to the bottom before the end of the day.  Before we went to lunch at a delicious Cajun restaurant, we got to eat Beignets (that's Ben-yay: a kind of French doughnut) while waiting in line for forty minutes.  We had Jambalaya and amazingly yummy Gulf coast shrimp and got to do some bonding with people that we don’t really know.  After we had that brand new experience, we were lead around town by Malik Muhammad, one of Rob James’ college roommates.  From there we split up into smaller groups and went to take in the atmosphere of New Orleans.  And of course we did a little shopping.  On the way back, our car had one extra person so we really had to squeeze, Rob and Tori had to share a seat belt which didn’t really work too well.  Rob ended up on half the seat and Tori couldn’t use her arms.  Finally after all the excitement, we got back and were able to get showers (yay!) and just chill out.

- Zac G. & Sydney P.


  1. Marshmallows, yum....Beignets....YUMMY!!!!! Sounds like you all are having a great time so far. You were all with us this morning in prayer and continue to be everyday! Peace, April

  2. UBC Missionaries, we here are so excited for all of you. We are keeping each and everyone of you in our prayers. This blog is truly a testament of all the good things to come from this work. Be sure to eat a few of those great Beignets for us here. Be well and God bless each and every one.

    Peace, the Ross's

  3. 10th floor garage! That is my nightmare! Please know my love and prayers are with you as you carry on such important work in the name of our Lord. Special hugs go out to Rob, Leona and Pete!!! You are a blessing among our midst!

  4. Sounds like an amazing adventure so far! Thanks for the updates.. I look forward to hearing all your stories and accomplishments throughout the week. Our prayers are with you!