Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 9: Thursday, August 6, 2009
Portia F. -- Hi everyone!  Today is Thursday and we can't believe the week is almost over.  our group has worked all week at a 3 bedroom home on Primrose Rd. Owned by Mrs. Day.  Like so many homes on the street, the water rose to the top of the roof and the house had to be gutted to remove mold.  We have been applying sheetrock compound and sanding it down in preparation of painting a stucco finish on the ceiling and the walls.  We have one more day to work and I don't think we'll be able to finish the job we started.  Everyone in the group has worked hard every day.  Our team is Zoe M., Jamal N., Gene W., Janice B., Sam W., Samantha M., Jordan B., Ivy W., Janina G., Charley F., and me.  Everyone has worked extremely hard.  It's hot, sweaty and tiring, and dirty but in so many ways a blessing as we serve the people here in New Orleans.  Even covered with wall board dust and sweat, the youth will burst out in song and spirits are lifted and work is continued.  We have learned, shared and become closer as we continue to do God's Work.  Love to you all. - Charley & Portia

Portia W., Sue M., Donna L. -- Our Group, led by Peter E. & Courtney C. is working on a house owned by John Fuller.  He did come to the job site and was so excited to have us working on his home.  Today we finished painting the inside of his whole house.  We repainted some rooms.  We even painted a brick wall in his rec room which was very difficult as the bricks were not a very even surface, they were very porous.  We scraped the floors of the drops of spackling compound & paint then vacuumed the drops & sheet rock dust.  We then mopped further  to cleanse off the dust as we prepared to lay a tile floor.  John & his daughter Pumpkin came to the worksite.  They brought Hawaiian Punch, Zapps Cajun Spiced Chips Hotter & Hot, and Oreo mint cookies for us to snack on & watermelon.  Pumpkin brought water balloons & filled them.  Then she threw one at Julie M.  Scott C. & Rob also got anointed by water balloons.  While we were painting we were listening to Rob's Mission trip Jamz CD.  It was one of five CD's he made of Music to inspire us and get us in the mood.  John came into the room and was so excited at our progress he began dancing and doing the jig.  John told Susan that she had "Lana Legs" shapely legs like Lana Turner.  He was trying to get the rest of us to dance too but we were on our ladders or had paint brushes in our hands.  We did dance the twist to help clean the dust from the floors when we were mopping.  Before we mopped, Donna vacuumed with R2D2, the shop vac/wet vac.  Pete has a special method of cleaning the filter; he chucks it across the grass several times.

Leona D.--Please see the following websites for more information about Holt Cemetery where our group spent a very emotional time straightening up burial plots and re-interring bones swept out by the floodwaters.  A longer blog about our experience will be coming soon.

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